From the library to the theater, we have places to keep you busy in and out of the books! Image is a look from our study rooms in the library.


The Health Centers stationed around the island is where you can get top quality care for all your health needs! Image is one of our health centers.


All your housing needs are here! As you grow in your academic life, we move you from the City Center generalized dorms, to more individualized housing throughout the island catered to your academic plan. Image is one of the concepts of the City Center dorms.


City center is where it's at! From diners to the opera, here's where all the life happens! Image is an artist conception of City Center.


There's not one place where your hunger cannot be quenched. From sit in restaurants to quick cafes, you can get your munch on anytime of the day. Image is a concept of the Firehouse Lounge.


How will you get from class to the diner? Why, with our wonderful public transit system! We have high speed rail trains that loop the island, as well as busses and shuttles to get you from place to place. Pictured is one of our high speed rail trains boarding in underground station.