Let education set you free

About us

In 1966, the United Nations met together to discuss the current epidemic of failing education system. All over the globe, despite growing competition to go into top universities such as Harvard and Stanford, only those of the elite class were able to enter these institutions. To shrink the gap between getting out of grade school and into college, the United Nations agreed for all the globe to collaborate to create an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where all the world's higher education will be. This is UniverCity

Our legacy

Since the opening of the first colleges, first class of UniverCity landed on the island, we have only improved. In the short 50 years of existing on the planet we've pushed out graduate after graduate of the best kind. Here's some of our highlights

  • UniverCity Faculties organise teaching and research into individual subjects.
  • The University is rich in history - its famous buildings attract students from all around.
  • 50 years of people, and achievements that continue to transform.
  • The University's core values are as follows: Knowledge is power.